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Re: [IP] deciding not to check

In a message dated 6/22/00 4:21:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< just let him live with the guilt for another day or two...lol
Dear Linda:
     Hey why not - I've gotten lots of "mileage" out of "guilt" when our 
girls THOUGHT we were angrier about something than we were in actuality!
     Important lesson here is to make sure Kevin understands that having 
diabetes IS a royal PITA ( pain in the ....) & checking at lunchtime for a 
pre-adolescent is ESPECIALLY annoying & not seeing any other solution, his 
reaction was NOT an uncommon one.
This is the insidious "intangible" part of diabetes that the so-called 
experts never grasp - that constantly being "different" at that age can deter 
a child from doing what's needed for optimal self-management. As simple a 
solution as allowing the child to check whenever & wherever can enhance that 
same self-care.
   Nonetheless, I think it's "way cool" that you got your whole house cleaned 
out of the experience!! LOL

Regards, Renee ( who was honored last night at a reception in Tiffany's 
jewelry store & nearly passed out when Melissa whipped out her meter & 
nonchalantly checked right on the counter in front of dozens of 
people....considering that I was being honored for my work with JDF, I 
figured it was pretty apropos!)
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