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Re: [IP] child didnt test


We had the same problem with Noah testing before lunch (30 minute 
lunch period) and then not having enough time to go through the lunch 
line and eat.  We suggested he leave class 5-10 minutes early to get 
a head start.  He HATED that idea.  He felt it not only would make 
him stand out but also allow him privileges the other students don't 
have.  Our solution was to do a bag lunch every day.  He loves it. 
Not only does it allow him to walk to lunch with his friends (like 
everyone else) but I mark right on his bag the bolus he needs to do 
(he knows how much to bolus for corrections on highs but before he 
was able to it on his own, I had a card which listed bg ranges and 
how much to bolus).  Makes his life sooooo much easier and, except 
for the bg testing which friends are so used to and goes virtually 
unnoticed at this point, he's happy and it works out great for me.  I 
know exactly what he's eating and how many carbs and what he bolused. 
It has also cut down on the Q & A drill when he gets home from 
school.  I no longer have to ask what did you eat, how many carbs, 
what did you bolus, etc.  I don't even have to ask what his bg was, 
just check his meter.  Works great for us!

Cindy, mom to Noah, dx 6/96, pumper since 7/99

>Come to find
>out...he hated being last in line for lunch all the time and also hated the
>fact that he had to CALL me for a correction.
>Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
>pumping 1 year

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