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re:[IP] Still no doctor Andy

>I saw Dr. Andrew Bender, M.D. have a couple of posts on the last digest, and
>someone else responded to my post who also cannot post privately to the
>doctor. I wonder what's happening? Every try I make is rejected with *the
>return address was refused.* Then it gives my addy. Does anyone have a clue
>as to what's happening?

I was able to email him privately with no problem. It is possible that
your email address has been "blacklisted". Sometimes when one person
sends spam, administrators at other sites will block all email from that
service provider, even when it comes from a different email address at
the same provider. Don't know for sure that is your problem, but I have
had something similar happen to me in the past - had to change to a
different ISP that was more strict about members not spamming.
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