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Re: [IP] deciding not to check


  Noah, too, hates bringing attention to himself where his D is 
concerned.  We discussed his leaving class early to test before lunch 
and he didn't like that idea.  They're only given 30 minutes for 
lunch so it doesn't provide enough time for him to take away 5-10 
minutes for testing.  He barely has enough time to eat as it is 
following a class in another building on the third floor or gym 
class, etc.   So, Noah does his bg testing right in the classrooms 
and in the cafeteria at lunch time.  He and his classmates are all 
fine with this.  Actually, they think it's kinda cool.  This is what 
works and is comfortable for Noah.  Maybe talk to Kevin and figure 
out a comfortable solution that would work for him.  The more 
accepting EVERYONE is of this disease, the more comfortable EVERYONE 
will become, especially our kids.  Good luck!!


> > Yesterday was the last day of school and we went to the office to 
>pick up all
> > his diabetic gear. My husband asked him what his lunch number was after
> > school as we always do (which he responds with an awesome bg). He said he
> > forgot so Russ says just check your glucometer. At that point, 
>Kevin says, I
> > might as well go to my room for the rest of my life.  The deal is....he was
> > never checking at lunch!!!  I couldn't believe it,,he's just not 
>the type of
> > kid to do that. He told me later that he hated leaving class to 
>go do it.  Oh
> > yes, he's still living, but barely...lol  My whole house was vacuumed, his
> > room was cleaned, the bathrooms were spotless and he finished up with the
> > dishes!!!  Of course, I never reveal to him that he's the typical 
>12 year old
> > boy, just let him live with the guilt for another day or two...lol
> >
> > Linda

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