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Re: [IP] Re: deciding not to check

> I remember a story from my urine-sugar days, 
> in one of the diabetes magazines. One young 
> gal had been having pretty good results on her
> urine-sugar tests. She'd graph the results 
> and everything, and hand in the graph sheets 
> to her doctor at every visit.
> Then at one visit, she gave him the sheets, 
> then quickly asked for them back, saying 
> "Oh, I'm sorry: those are _next_ month's graphs!"

I'm sorry, that makes me laugh so much because in my 
fervor to fill in my falsified logs that I mentioned in 
a previous post, my dad ALMOST caught sight 
of "tomorrow's numbers" when he snuck up behind me (for 
a playful scare).

But I can just picture the look on the doctor's 
face... "NEXT month's graphs?  What incedible testing 
methods you've devised!"

-Sara G. (realising she's been a VERY BAD GIRL, but 
promises to be good now that she's THIS MANY *holds-up-

'n I gunna be twenny-fore necks mont!  I gunna be all 
growed up!

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