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Re: [IP] mom not ready for separation

Boy can I identify with your post to the IP list about your daughter being
at camp! No matter how much advance prep you do, it's so incredibly
difficult to let them go off and trust that they will be okay. My daughter,
Stephanie, is 11 and has been pumping for a little over 2 years. Last summer
she went to a 12day Girl Scout camp and had a great experience. The staff
took turns waking her up every two hours all night, every night she was
there...when Stephanie got home she was exhausted from all the waking, but
they said they really wanted to be cautious! One thing they offered, and I
took advantage of, was the opportunity for me to call whenever I wanted to
talk to the nurse and/or the camp director. It was wonderful to hear about
her numbers and know that she was okay without intruding on her camp
experience (I didn't tell her I called until after she was home). It was
worth the reassurance I got, and if I'd felt like her basals needed to be
changed, I could have told the nurse what to do, but things went well.

This week Stephanie is at diabetes camp, and her endo is the camp doctor!
I'm sleeping great knowing she's surrounded by 200 other kids with diabetes,
24 of whom have pumps, and that the staff member in her cabin wears a pump,
and the juice fairy comes every night at 2am! Too bad there's not that level
of knowledge and support at every camp!

I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry too much. Eve will
be fine, and even though her control probably won't be perfect while she's
gone, she'll learn lots about taking care of herself and making good choices
when there's no one around to remind her!

Take care,
Betsy, mom of 11 yo Stephanie, diagnosed at 4.5 years, puming since 3/98

PS... If Eve is anything like my daughter, I highly recommend cleaning the
house ASAP and then enjoying it staying clean for the whole time she's gone!
Two weeks of no clutter would be a record at my house!

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