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Re: [IP] deciding not to check

> Yesterday was the last day of school and we 
> went to the office to pick up all his diabetic 
> gear. My husband asked him what his lunch 
> number was after school as we always do 
> (which he responds with an awesome bg). He 
> said he forgot so Russ says just check your
> glucometer. At that point, Kevin says, I
> might as well go to my room for the rest 
> of my life.  The deal is....he was never 
> checking at lunch!!!  I couldn't believe it,
> he's just not the type of kid to do that. 
> He told me later that he hated leaving 
> class to go do it. 
For awhile, when I was younger, I would just make up 
numbers to write in my log book the day before my 
doctor visits. "Here's how I'm doing doc... yeah yeah 
yeah..."  Even put in plenty of highs so that my A1c 
would make sense.

Anyway.... My step mother decided one day, that she 
wanted to do some analysing of my numbers, she couldn't 
find my logbook so she just grabbed the meter and ran 
through the history..... (all one check/day of it)

Lets just say not even the NEIGHBORS slept that night!!

> Oh yes, he's still living, but barely...lol  
> My whole house was vacuumed, his room was 
> cleaned, the bathrooms were spotless and 
> he finished up with the dishes!!!  Of course, 
> I never reveal to him that he's the typical 
> 12 year old boy, just let him live with the 
> guilt for another day or two...lol
My step-mom took the same route... I cleaned the house, 
did the yard work, and scooped out the rain gutters 

This just pissed me off (pardon my french) and all it 
solved was that I got in the habit of clearing the 
meter's memory after every use.  When she told me to 
stop clearing it, I (as is befitting a defiant 
teenager) told her I didn't feel comfortable with her 
looking over my shoulder.  I got more punishment and 
more defiance.

Good Lord we had some entertaining fights.... *sigh* my 
poor father....

> Told him next year he can carry his glucometer 
> in his back pack!!!   Oh well, that's what 
> happens when you think you're children are
> perfect....LOL......NOT!!!
We're not perfect, we need our parents to talk to us 
and teach us the important lessons in life whether 
they're about checking our blood sugar levels, or just 
about keeping our knees together.  Your boy doesn't 
feel right doing his checks at school, maybe he feels 
alienated, maybe he's just having trouble dealing with 
all this diabetes CRAP (Lord knows I still don't have 
the strength some days).

It seems to me, in my infinite childless wisdom, that 
parents don't talk to their children enough.  I'm not 
directing this at you, please don't take it that way, 
but all parents, you know childhood is rough, you've 
all had at least one.  Try to remember that your 
child's isn't likely any easier, and that they need to 
know they can talk to you, and that when they forget 
that fact, you'll be there to talk to them.

I know your children are the most important things in 
the world to you.  Make sure they know it too...

-Sara G.

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