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Re: [IP] deciding not to check

> Linda,

 Just wanted to tell you that a lot of diabetic kids have done the same thing as
your son.  (I'm sure there will be a ton of postings now saying "my child is
responsible and would never do such a thing")  I've been diabetic since 1979 ( I
was 6 ).  When I was 8 or 9 I told my mom that my urine tests were negative (back
when we didn't have access to blood glucose machines).  The entire time I was
using water and no urine!  I did this for months upon months.  I'm disgusted with
myself now for doing it but at the time I had something else going on or felt
like it was too big of a inconvenience. Mainly I felt like it was too much of an
inconvenience so I just ignored it. Of course, my parents (especially my mom)
were irate when they found out.  My mom and dad were shocked that I would do such
a thing.  I was always so good about everything. I was grounded, had to clean the
house, couldn't talk on the phone etc etc etc.  It didn't help though.  I
continued being lazy about my diabetes for another few years until I realized the
consequences of my irresponsible actions. Fortunately, I haven't had to deal with
any complications due to my mini vacations from the diabetice life.

My point is that your son is not the only one who has done this.  I'm sure lots
of diabetics are guilty of doing it when they were a child.  Heck, when I was at
diabetic camp kids showed up with Snicker bars hidden in their back packs and
luggage. Just wanted to let you know that Kevin is not the only one and that
there is hope.  Good luck.
dx'd 1979 - pumping for 2+ years.

> Yesterday was the last day of school and we went to the office to pick up all
> his diabetic gear. My husband asked him what his lunch number was after
> school as we always do (which he responds with an awesome bg). He said he
> forgot so Russ says just check your glucometer. At that point, Kevin says, I
> might as well go to my room for the rest of my life.  The deal is....he was
> never checking at lunch!!!  I couldn't believe it,,he's just not the type of
> kid to do that. He told me later that he hated leaving class to go do it.  Oh
> yes, he's still living, but barely...lol  My whole house was vacuumed, his
> room was cleaned, the bathrooms were spotless and he finished up with the
> dishes!!!  Of course, I never reveal to him that he's the typical 12 year old
> boy, just let him live with the guilt for another day or two...lol

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