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[IP] Ear lobes for blood tests??? ICH!!! (and I mean ICH!!)

In a message dated 6/22/00 email @ redacted  writes:

>If so, did you have trouble too with them wanting to get
>their ears pierced and your not thinking that was what earlobes were for?
Interesting.  We never used the earlobes for blood tests (thank G-d) as I KNOW 
what my reaction would have been.  As to my kids, my wifes eldest had her ears 
pierced before we were married and our daughter has to wait until she's twelve 
(under her own recognisance) before she does this!


Are there anybody on the list who went to camp NJEDA??  I'm going to ask on 
the lehigh list as well to get the words.  There was also some song about the 
texaco star that had to do with blood sugar but I don't remember ANY of the 
words to that.

By the way: if anyone is in real need of strips (due to insurance hasstles) 
and wants to make me an offer (please would be the preferred one) I've got a 
couple boxes of still good pre-comfort curve strips for the Accucheck Complete 
(and Advantage).  I got these AFTER the curve strips came out but got my dex 
and my QID and now my XTRA and some comfort curve strips (just for real 
emergencies or when I want to tow that heavy thing around).

Just e-mail me privately and let me know the words to the song....("First you 
feel rocky, then you feel shocky, that's the way it goes with the sugar 

ALSO: Michael do you have a use for a slightly used (ha ha) Minimed 506.  I'm 
finally ready (not really) to say goodbye to an old freind and don't want to 
just dump it (and my uncle Sam would love if you accepted it I'm sure).

Yerachmiel Altman

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