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[IP] Precision XTRA-cable

I just called Abbot/Medisence to register my new Precision XTRA and I asked 
about the ability to 'speak' to the meter from the computer.

The service rep told me that the precision XTRA used the same software as the 
QID but did NOT require a precision link box(!) because all of the hardware 
that used to be in the precision link box was now included in the meter 
(that's how you got so fat).

Anyway he said there is a new version of the software coming out within the 
next month and that the cable would be announced along with the software.  He 
assumes the same programs that downloaded from a precision link will work with 
this box since it is the same internal and the software from them works on 

I have (somewhere, I'd have to find) the software protocal for the QID if 
anyone has a link (or an xtra) and is interested in it but don't say you got 
it from me (I got it from medisence a few years ago when I got the link but 
was told that I didn't have it and didn't know where I got it from).


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