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[IP] IP: forgot to test... yeah

Wow... its been over three months of pumping and I've been testing all the 
time (cause quite honestly I find the whole thing really interesting)  If I 
had enough strips I'd have tested more that first month... but anyway.. I've 
finally moved back to testing about 6 - 8 times a day (including a night test 
if i happen to wake up).  This morning was so nuts I had a two and half hour 
meeting chock full of coffee, tea and pastries.  I also should add that I 
only got 4 hours of sleep last night due to a folk rock concert that lasted 
much longer than expected.  So I tested upon waking and didn't even have time 
to test at lunch.  So I just tested 2 hours after my meal and WOW... im a 
perfect 100!  I just had to share that miracle with y'all.  It's so amazing 
that even when all else is nutty and I managed to "forget" that I was 
diabetic my control came in exactly as it should.  Now I'm not gonna forget 
to test often, but its so nice to know that I can when necessary.


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