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[IP] RE: no referrals allowed!

Bonnie-- I would advise your friend to write a strongly worded letter to her
PPO.  If she can get the name of the medical director there, he/she would
probably be the best target.  She should list as succinctly as possible all
of her diabetes-related issues, all of the potential side effects, etc.  She
should use phrases like "withholding medically necessary treatment,"
"ignoring recognized standards of care," and "considering legal action," as
she feels comfortable.  I would suggest cc-ing the insurance commissioner of
her state as well, although she could save that for later if her early
efforts don't net her the results that she needs.  I am always disappointed
in doctors who pull this kind of thing.  Would be happy to get more specific
and/or help with composing if you would like to contact me privately!  I
wish her luck!


What advice can I give my good friend, a diabetic, whose PCP won't refer her
to an endo, the endo won't take appointments without referrals.   Internists
in the area are scarce, as are endos, and none will see her without a
referral.  Her bgs are not stable, she has severe neuropathy problems,
fibromyalgia, and several other problems.  PCP says lose weight and you will
be ok (her weight is only 30#s or so high).    She is going to try to find
another PCP, is even going to ask her OB-Gyn for a referral today.

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