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Re: [IP] poo-poo on endo

     Be patient.  I took me almost one full year to get an insulin pump
for my five year old daughter Caitlyn.  We were locked into an insurance
company, and didn't seem to have much choice.  It took a lot of time and
patience, as well as a great deal of prayer, and prying!  We dropped
clinics and Endo, then shifted to another clinic and endo within the
same insurance system.  On our first visit to the new clinic and Endo,
we had approval for night time use of the pump and start on JULY 5TH! 
Keep trying, show your endo that you know everything there is to know
about pumping and all about the benifits (the people on this list will
give you all of the help that you need!  They did for me!) and if all
else fails, switch endo's.  You know your child better than anyone, and
you know whats best for your child!  DON"T GIVE UP!

Carrie Vargas, mom to Cailtyn, dx'd 20 months, 5 Y.O. and longing
to 	       hook up to the pump that arrived on Monday!

> Brandon Keck wrote:
> Hi everybody.  Just talked with Braden's endo. No pump with him.  He's
> too concerned about 'developmental' reasons.  He's been a great endo
> 'till now, but I'm mad as fire  He said how can the child run and
> play, what if kids make fun, he'll be attached to something, what if
> the pump comes out at school?      What about the health of my
> child???!!!!
> I'm I doing the right thing??  I know down deep I am.  Just needing a
> little reassurance.  Braden is presently on humalog for all meals and
> I know getting rid of the  Nph will make a big difference.  Right??
> Just needing to vent, thanks for listening.
> Beth K.
> mom to Braden, 3 dx'd @ 2
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