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Re: [IP] Dramatic basal drops with exercise

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, John Bowen and Nancy Morgan wrote:
> doing gymnastics camp - 5 hours a day, from 9 am till 2 pm.  Her total daily
> basal rates have dropped 40%, and for the last half of camp and the next 7
> hours, they're down to 0.2 u/hr, compared to her usual 0.5 u/hr. She's
> bolusing half as much for meals 1:20 instead of 1:10, and had 125 grams of
> carbs (spread out over the day) not matched by insulin.  The amazing thing
> is, she does gymnastics 4 days a week, 3.5 hours at a time the rest of the
> time, so this is not exactly a new activity for her. I'm not sure what my
> question is, but does this happen to the rest of you?  When exercise exceeds

Yes. My guess is that there are two components. First, the kids are more 
rested because they get more sleep, much less stress (from school) and 
more rested overall -- at least this is true with Lily. She now goes to 
soccer practice 3 days in a row + games. Today, for instance, she took 
off her pump at 10am for her early soccer practice and had it off all day 
except to bolus for meals. She has an afternoon practice as well. Today 
she had to eat 3 power bars because of lows during the day, that is with 
NO insulin, but lots of physical activity. Last night she was low as 
well, but had a scrimage in the late afternoon. Mind you these are almost 
grown women running around at about 500 miles and hour. You or I would 
drop after about 5 minutes, but they keep it up for an hour and a half.

Insulin needs are very different at this level of activity.

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