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Re: Subject: [IP] Warts

Don't forget milkweed "juice." Worked when I was a kid. Of course, you have 
to live near a patch of milkweek and it has to be in season ...

Jan (and Elvis)

n a message dated 6/21/00 8:13:30 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< No joke, I read in a medical journal that there is a substance in banana
 peels that is as effective as all the things that medical folks do (which
 don't work very good, either).  So, wouldn't hurt to try rubbing them with
 the inside of a banana peel every day.  Have also heard to rub them with the
 inside of a cut, fresh green bean - but never seen that in writing.  Also, a
 treatment of late is to take Tagamet in substantial quantity (sorry, don't
 remember the dose).  How's that for a pot-pourri of alternate treatment
 advice?  ;-)  Good thing is that virtually all warts go away if you leave
 them alone for long enough. >>
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