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Sandy -- how discouraged you must feel!! Site infections are no fun, and 
having them so often is double no fun! Your best sourch of information would 
be to take this problem and pose it to the entire list. I can only give you 
suggestions for what I would do with my daughter, but posting to the entire 
list will give you an excellent source of info and support. You can do this 
by copying the message and sending it to 
< email @ redacted >  This will get it to the list, and then you can 
just watch the ideas pour in!
I know some out there have had the same problems as you have. Please, if you 
haven't done so, contact your Dr. and CDE and get their input.

Good luck,
Sue Tappendorf
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<< Hi...I have been on the pump for a year and a half and lately
 I have had insertion sites that become infected in a matter of
 a few hours.  I use all the precautions for infection but it does
 not seem to make a difference.  Once infected, the insulin does
 not pump properly and I see elevated blood sugar rates very
 high in a matter of hours.  I use the Sof-set with Humalog.
 Any suggestions?  Thanks for your help.
 Sandy from Maine

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