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Re: [IP] Member Update on Santana Kortum-Managhan

Thanks.  He Endo just raised all of her  rates about 1 week ago and she has
been between 80 - 110 since then except for a spike
every now and then.

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Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 7:46 PM
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> No one I talked to who was a long term (more than 10 years) type 1
diabetic had
> a totally anything first 3 months but the doctors seemed to concur that
> basically the baby needs a tad more insulin but your body is burning more
> faster and your hormones are raging -- most of the time, I needed less
> about 3 months with some big drops in month..
> But, if she was put on a diabetes diet with a certain number of calories
> that number is greater than she would have been eating before, she may see
> insulin dose go up.  There seems to be a tendency to require those old ADA
> times a day diets from diabetics although those who've worked with pumps
for a
> while seem to have gotten over it.  The problem with those diets is that
> want you to eat a lot until the 3rd trimester when they suddenly tell you
> shouldn't have gained so much weight or be eating so much. At that point,
> extra weight is a lot to deal with.  You do need to eat more when your
> though all the sources I asked and looked at disagreed about whether you
do or
> don't need extra calories starting at month 1, 2,3 or 4.  You don't need
> much more though.
> Another thing that might raise her need for insulin is simply the rising
> levels.  Among pregnant friends here and the mom's group I hang out with,
> was wide variation (kind of like menstral stuff) in how much individual
> felt sort of overdosed on their own hormones those first 3 months.  As
> the answer is really a generalization. You just want to check that you
> 1). eating too much (or too little) and 2) that you aren't taking too much
> insulin because on basal rates with poor timing or compensating for

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