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[IP] Dramatic basal drops with exercise

It's summer, and time for children's sports camps again.  Do the rest of you
parents have as much trouble figuring out insulin doses as I do?  Jenna is
doing gymnastics camp - 5 hours a day, from 9 am till 2 pm.  Her total daily
basal rates have dropped 40%, and for the last half of camp and the next 7
hours, they're down to 0.2 u/hr, compared to her usual 0.5 u/hr. She's
bolusing half as much for meals 1:20 instead of 1:10, and had 125 grams of
carbs (spread out over the day) not matched by insulin.  The amazing thing
is, she does gymnastics 4 days a week, 3.5 hours at a time the rest of the
time, so this is not exactly a new activity for her. I'm not sure what my
question is, but does this happen to the rest of you?  When exercise exceeds
a certain point, is the hypoglycemia/carb need dramatically greater?   How
low can you set the basal rates for a post-honeymoon kid before you risk
ketones?  This 75 pound kid consumed 350 grams of carbs yesterday - and
still kept getting low.


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