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Subject: [IP] poo-poo on endo

Poo-poo is right!  My 11 year old not only "runs and plays," but does
competitive gymnastics, swims, bounces on the trampoline, wrestles with her
brother, and does ANYTHING ELSE that her little heart desires.  And the kids
not only don't make fun of her pump, they think it's cool, and are quite
protective of Jenna and her needs.  If the pump comes out at school (which
has not happened to us in 2 years), you'll have to go put in a new infusion
site.  I suspect with a young child, you are used to some interruptions in
your work day from diabetes anyways.  These are OLD arguements, ones easily
de-bunked.  Be proud, be loud, be bumpy (to quote Sara), and get your endo
to come around or find a new one.

Nancy Morgan

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