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Subject: [IP] Basal testing in young children

We have successfully adjusted basal rates by using a combination of all
protein foods and sugar-free foods for snacks during the period of time that
we're looking at.  For example, when we wanted to skip breakfast, I'd let
Jenna eat an egg and sugar free Tang for breakfast, then reward her with a
special treat when the fast was over at 10 am or so.  When we wanted to look
at lunch, she'd eat a slice of deli ham or turkey and a cheese stick and
sugar free drink. Keep your time periods really short (our CDE told us to
think in 3 hour blocks of time, and we've never fasted for more than 3 hours
at a time).  And, don't forget BRIBERY.  If the treat at the end is good
enough, they'll do almost anything.

Nancy Morgan

<<I would like to talk to anyone who has done basal testing successfully on
young child.  My son eats small quantities every couple of hours and hates
"carb-fast" through any meal.  >>

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