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Re: [IP] Basal testing in young children

>  How long after your daughter's last bolus do you begin testing? 
Even with Humalog, you need to wait 5 hours to start testing. The 
tail on this insulin is very long. See the brochure enclosed with 
each bottle or look at the activity curves at:


> It
> seems like even when we are getting a good day's worth of basal
> testing in the numbers from day to day are so different.

You are right there. Sometimes you need to repeat the same time 
period many times to get a good feel for what is really happening. 
Once set, the pattern will remain pretty stable, you usually will 
just have to adjust the actual basal amount up or down for a specific 
time interval but not have to change the start / stop time.

>  It has
> been hard catching a pattern.  My son has frequent times where he
> has a bolus and two hours later has a good bg but then 1 hour later
> is low. 
Usually this is an indication of over bolus or a ratio that is to 

> He is also having trouble knowing when he is low since
> pumping.  
Our doc has recommend raising bg targets to eliminate hypo 
unawareness. it took a few weeks, but Lily's hypo awareness returned. 
We've subsequently lowered the targets, and everything has remained 
pretty stable. We used a range of 120 to 150 for about 8 weeks then 
returned to using 100. Lily uses a One Touch which typically reads 15 
or so points lower than most other types of meters. YMMV
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