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[IP] Pump and Preg.

I'd like to know too.. i'm trying to get pregnant.. a1c 6.2 and the green 
light says GO!!   i was on nph and regular with my first child 4 years ago.. 
that went fine, hard, and very regimented but fine.. he's healthy and 
beautiful.. no dm... thank GOD!!!  but i just talked with my endo today and 
they said we just adjust the basals and bolus's like we adjusted my nph and 
regular before... it seems the "more pregnant" you get, the more resistant 
you get and the more insulin you need later on in the terms.. just watch if 
morning sicknes stirkes.. lows can be a problem... i also had many sonograms 
just to track the baby's growth... which was neat in a way.. i enjoyed seeing 
him on a monthly basis!!!  Good luck!
dx 88  pumping 4/00  and lovin' it!!
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