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Re: [IP] We are SUCH troublemakers!!

> *************************************
> HMMMMMM - this is rather sexist don't ya 
> think???  It is the MALE's invading
> the females, after all...Shouldn't it be 
> the MALES that get operated ON????
> The women can't get pregnant on their 
Hrmmm well if they can I'll bet THAT'D make the weekly 
world news...

However, the story DID say all the males had already 
gotten vasectomies, merely that it had failed in this 
one.  That leaves one with two questions:  

Why not try the vasectomy again?  (It's cheaper, 
quicker, less prone to complication, and focuses on the 
right culprit)  

Of course, if repeating the opperation wouldn't likely 
solve the problem (I'm no doc, I don't know how 
resilient an unknown percentage of the male population 
are to surgical sterilization, **but you know how 
stubborn men can be**), then the next question is: Why 
not remove his little sperm factories altogether? (I'd 
like to see him recover from THAT!)  But I imagine that 
would bring about its own hormonal withdrawl problems 
and besides, it sounds a little too militant feminist 
for even MY tastes.

I say they give Joanna a plug of Mace and teach her how 
to fend off Shaun herself.

-Sara G. (who's just happy to see another diabetic 
primate not willing to take gump from noone)

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