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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #266

no this isn't about digest #266

It is a GENTLE reminder for you NOT to copy ENTIRE messages into your 
replies!!!!  All we need is a line or two to "remind" us what you are 
referring to.  If you include an entire message, plus the message IT was in 
response to, it can get vrey tedious and difficult to read.,..especially for 
those of us on the DIGEST

Also.  If you are JUST going to say WAY TO GO or HERE HERE or I AGREE, it 
would make more sense to send it directly to the person to whom you are 
congratulating or agreeing with...and then if you COPY the entire 75 line 
message they originally wrote to which you are responding with a WAY TO 
GO...it is even more, well, what is the word I am searching for...just can't 
seem to think of one that would be politically correct...so just fill in the 
blank with your word of choice....

Thank you.....

Sara, who WAS all caught up on digests and now there are 3 waiting to be 
read....arggghhh....and I am trying to pack and catch up on work so I can go 
to Texas with a clearish conscience....fortunately for me, they will be full 
of copies of reposted messages!
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