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[IP] Pregnancy and insulin needs

As I understand it from my sister (also diabetic and carried 2 kids to
healthy births, and whose medical care came from the high-risk
diabetes-in-pregnancy people at the University of Washington), there is a
sudden and rapid decrease in insulin needs sometime in the first trimester
(I think it was week 10, but ask your OB or endocrinologist).  With her
first child, it caused her to go hypo (convulsions and the whole nine yards)
because she felt tired and went to lay down at church in a room where no one
knew to check on her.  Luckily her liver caught up and she came to hours
later, but please ask your doctor what you should be expecting and when.
The UW people said that this was a well-known phenomenon, but the OB she was
seeing at the time never mentioned it to her.

As with everything, YMMV, and I do know her insulin required constant
adjustment as the pregnancy progressed.  Even with all she went through,
though, let me stress that she and the baby were fine!

Hope this helps,
Kathy Trondsen

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