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[IP] We are SUCH troublemakers!!

Diabetic Chimp Spurns Pill, Gets Tubes Tied
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A diabetic chimpanzee who refused to take her birth 
control pills has had her tubes tied after a supposedly sterile male chimp in 
her enclosure at the Los Angeles Zoo unexpectedly fathered three babies by 
three different females, officials said on Monday.

It was the first such birth control surgery to take place at the zoo, 
spokesman David Cooley said.

Veterinarians performed the two-hour procedure known as tubal ligation on 
14-year-old Joanna because of concerns that due to her diabetes, her health 
would be at risk if she became pregnant.

Normally male chimps at the zoo undergo vasectomies to prevent unwanted 
pregnancies, since that operation is less invasive than tubal ligation on 
females. All of the zoo's breeding-age male chimps at the Los Angeles Zoo 
have undergone the operation, Cooley said.

However the procedure apparently failed in one 13-year-old male named Shaun, 
who has since become the father of baby chimps by three different mothers.

The babies came as a surprise to zookeepers, and since then the zoo's seven 
female chimps have been dosed with birth control pills mashed into their 
food. However Joanna repeatedly turned up her nose at meals containing the 

HMMMMMM - this is rather sexist don't ya think???  It is the MALE's invading 
the females, after all...Shouldn't it be the MALES that get operated ON????  
The women can't get pregnant on their OWN, NOW CAN THEY???

Sara Smartie Pants
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