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[IP] Ongoing Insurance Woes

Today's storyline...yesterday I posted a question re: my insurance refusing
to cover strips for more than one meter.  Today insurance tells me it's not
a problem with covering strips for more than one meter (wonder what changed
since yesterday?), it's the number of strips I am using.  I have been using
300 strips/month since I have been on this insurance plan (approx. 1 1/2
years).  The question they posed, "Why do you need so many strips now that
you are on the pump?  We thought that was part of the agreement...if we let
you have the pump, you wouldn't need to test as often".  They then proceeded
to tell me they are going to take this to my case manager (who has never
laid eyes on me and works for my insurance company) and let her decide if I
need that many strips.  I suggested the case manager needs to contact me and
my doctor while making this decision.  I plan to call the case manager
myself tomorrow afternoon b/c this has twisted my stomach into knots and I
can't sit by while she determines my future.  Before I call her, any advice
from anyone who has been there, done that?  TIA.

Lori Bristle

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