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Re: [IP] log sheets

> What really gets me sometimes, is graphing the numbers 
> out.  It's hard to see the general trends in the 
> specific numbers, but when you 'zoom out' and look at 
> the big picture you really see things like: that 
> monthly cycle, stress patterns, seasonal changes, 
> overall effects of exercise regimens, etc...

Try another method.

Overlay the datapoints from the same time of day for a week at a time 
and use excel or similar program to put in a best fit curve. The 
trends stand right out that way. Sometimes it helps to separate out 
weekends if you work a 9-5 and weekends are a very different 
schedule. Similar if you have days that you work out. Separate the 
days that are similar and build data sets with those days. You can 
then see the trends fairly easily for each of the day types.
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