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Re: [IP] log sheets

> I set up a couple of filters to track lows 
> (cell is blue) and highs (cell is red). Trends 
> really jump out at you. I also set up charts 
> for daily, weekly and monthly averages. Makes 
> a nice two page monthly summary.
My glucodaemon charts ( http://bgc.ppp0.com ) do the 
same thing, same colors in fact :)

When I started with my current nurse, she took one look 
at my printouts and shrank back, "TOO MANY COLORS!"  
She did add, of course, that I'm the one that the 
reports have to work for, so if I like it then more 
power to me :)

What really gets me sometimes, is graphing the numbers 
out.  It's hard to see the general trends in the 
specific numbers, but when you 'zoom out' and look at 
the big picture you really see things like: that 
monthly cycle, stress patterns, seasonal changes, 
overall effects of exercise regimens, etc...

It really tends to help explain vairances that 
otherwise wouldn't make sense.

-Sara G. (Still fighting her numbers, trying to do 
better than 2 out of 3 readings in target)

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