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RE: [IP] poo-poo on endo

I agree with Michael's assessment.  Kids are going to
find something to pick on anyway, so you can not
let that keep you from choosing to pump.  My son is
4 1/2 years old and attends daycare full-time.  He has
been pumping since Christmas.  He wears the pump in
the child's pump harness (from Minimed) underneath his shirt, so it is not visible.  If you didn't see that
little lump on his back, you would not be able to tell
that he has the pump.  He runs and plays just as hard
as the rest of the kids.  

Yes, we have had sets come out at school.  We even had
the tubing for the tender break (yes, broken off at the
disconnect) last week at school.  We just use the 
insulin pen to compensate for the insulin missed 
and/or let his numbers run a little high until we 
get home, if that is what it takes.  We keep spares
of everything handy in his backpack, and in my office
for those times when we can insert a new site.

Personally, I feel better about sending him out with the pump than I do about sending him out with long-acting
insulin on board.  With the long-acting stuff, he HAD to
eat an ample amount on time every time, regardless of whether he wanted to or not.  Thinking about the
possibility of him not eating and going low because the
UL kicked in is very scary!

I also think your endo would be very surprised to see
how accepting kids are these days.  Things have changed
quite a bit from when I was in school and we didn't see
any special needs kids in our schools at all.  Now, they
are sitting right next to 'normal' kids in 'regular'
classes everyday!  

I'm glad that my parents didn't hold me back from doing
what I wanted because I was the funny-looking shy kid
with red hair, freckles, coke-bottle glasses, who was always the new kid at school and a sure target for
bullys.  I actually think it helped make me who I am today (now, whether that is good or bad can be left
open for debate...).

Keep looking until you find someone willing to work
with you.  

Good Luck,
Beth Mullen
Mom to Mark, dx @ 2 months, pumping since 12/99.

> Hi everybody.  Just talked with Braden's endo. No pump with him. 
> He's too concerned about 'developmental' reasons.  He's been a great
> endo 'till now, but I'm mad as fire  He said how can the child run
> and play, what if kids make fun, he'll be attached to something,
> what if the pump comes out at school?
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