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Britta, thank you for sharing your experience. How lucky you are to know how
to manipulate the system.  

What advice can I give my good friend, a diabetic, whose PCP won't refer her
to an endo, the endo won't take appointments without referrals.   Internists
in the area are scarce, as are endos, and none will see her without a
referral.  Her bgs are not stable, she has severe neuropathy problems,
fibromyalgia, and several other problems.  PCP says lose weight and you will
be ok (her weight is only 30#s or so high).    She is going to try to find
another PCP, is even going to ask her OB-Gyn for a referral today.  

Seems as though she will be spending a lot of money going to several PCP
types to find one who will then refer her to an endo (isn't this the kind of
stuff that drives up our insurance rates?). The endo's office nurse says it
is their policy to only take referrals.    

What can she do?  She is in Knoxville, TN on PPO insurance. 
Any advice is welcome. 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
Formerly 25 yr Portland, Oregonian and miss it like hell!

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