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Re: [IP] poo-poo on endo

> Hi everybody.  Just talked with Braden's endo. No pump with him. 
> He's too concerned about 'developmental' reasons.  He's been a great
> endo 'till now, but I'm mad as fire  He said how can the child run
> and play, what if kids make fun, he'll be attached to something,
> what if the pump comes out at school?
Gee whiz -- good thing he doesn't need glasses, how couldn't he run 
and play wearing those, what if kids made fun of him and called him 4 
eyes?? Golly, he'd have to wear them all the time right on his face 
wear everyone could see them!!!

What a load of crap!

You might point out this little descrepancy to this endo and also 
point out that over 250 kids on the IP list use pumps and some of 
them started as young as 13 months old.

If you like this guy, then it is an opportunity to educate him. 
It's worth a try. If you succeed you get to keep someone you've liked 
so far AND he will then introduce other kids to the pump. If not, can 
him and get a new endo.

 Michael ( dad to 16 yo Lily, pumping almost 6 years)
email @ redacted
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