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Re: [IP] Basal testing in young children

> I would like to talk to anyone who has done basal testing
> successfully on a young child.  My son eats small quantities every
> couple of hours and hates to "carb-fast" through any meal.  Please
> email me privately, thanks! :)
Feed him but with
sugar free jello, eggs, crystal lite, etc....

and other no-carb foods

Do the testing over a period of days, skipping a day or two in 
between. Build up a composite database. If there are repeating times 
of day with consistent highs or lows, look at the carbs given for 
lows or the insulin given for highs. Throw out the obviously 
screwball information -- usually the top and bottom 5 % of data, and 
use the average of what remains as a hint for the adjustment needed 
for the time frame covered. If it is always after meals, then the 
ratios need adjusting rather than the basal rates. The ratio can then 
be adjusted so that the new ratio multiplied by the carb intake would 
account for the difference in insulin (highs) or carbs (lows) 
required for the average correction.

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