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Re: [IP] poo-poo on endo

Tell him to move forward into the 21st century - I am convinced you 
are doing the right thing.  My suggestion - if you REALLY want the 
pump for Braden - you have only two choices - get your current 
endo to go along, or find another......and my suggestion is the 
latter.  Where are you located?  probably someone here can help 
you with a pump-friendly endo referral........


> Hi everybody.  Just talked with Braden's endo. No pump with him.  He's
> too concerned about 'developmental' reasons.  He's been a great endo
> 'till now, but I'm mad as fire  He said how can the child run and
> play, what if kids make fun, he'll be attached to something, what if
> the pump comes out at school?      What about the health of my
> child???!!!!  I'm I doing the right thing??  I know down deep I am. 
> Just needing a little reassurance.  Braden is presently on humalog for
> all meals and I know getting rid of the  Nph will make a big
> difference.  Right?? Just needing to vent, thanks for listening. Beth
> K. mom to Braden, 3 dx'd @ 2

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