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[IP] Insurance vs. Strips for Multiple Meters

I need some advice.  I recently acquired 2 new meters, so I now have a
Precision QID, a Fast Take, and an Accu-Check Complete.  Previously, my endo
wrote my scrip for 300 strips/month for the QID.  At my request, she rewrote
my scrips for 100 strips for each of the above meters per month.  I called
the mail-order pharmacy (that my insurance company says I HAVE to use) to
see about having my scrips filled.  The pharmacy called my insurance company
and then called me back to say insurance says they will only pay for strips
for one kind of meter!!!  I told the pharmacy this is unacceptable b/c if I
have scrips from my endo, they have to fill them.  I also asked him,
financially, how big a difference was it for my new scrips vs. the old one
meter scrip.  He said it would be a minimal difference.  He asked why I
wanted to use different meters b/c insurance had asked him that (BTW
insurance didn't have to pay a penny for the new meters I got).  I told him
for my convenience and b/c my job involves being in and out of the office a
lot and in my car, and certain meters do not withstand extremes and changes
in temperature.  The phamacy was going to call my case manager and get back
with me tomorrow.

I checked my insurance "plan document and summary plan description".  It
doesn't say anything about specific supply coverage.  I will check w/HR
tomorrow about specifics of our contract w/insurance company.  Am I right
about this?  They do have to cover my scrips, don't they?  I think they are
just being lazy and don't want to handle any extra paperwork.  Is there any
legal jargon I can throw in their faces?  I live in NC, and my insurance is
through a county funded private plan.

Thanks for any advice, help, etc.

Lori Bristle
D since 6/77
MM508 1/00

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