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[IP] "free" email? "free" internet access?

I realize that a few people have seemed to get their feathers ruffled
lately by being asked for donations.  Please don't be offended!  This
list was created for "fun" for 11 people - and when it was that way,
Michael could pay for the service out of pocket.  But now we gain up to
50 members PER WEEK.  The growth is astronomical, and growth of list =
higher cost.  We have over 2,500 members.  There are costs for internet
access, the servers, disk space, a small (smaller than your bedroom I
guarantee) office to keep the equipment, postage, etc.

The truth of the matter is, email is not free.  Someone "out there" is
paying for a server, paying for internet access.  Many list subscribers
utilize 'free' email services; the only reason they are free is because
of their SPONSORS - i.e. their advertisers. 

We do not allow advertising on the ip website to allow a truly
independent forum for exchange, instead we ask members to serve as our

If you cannot or do not wish to send a donation, we understand!  By all
means, we understand... Please hit the delete button and try not to be
offended by our asking.  Try to place yourself on the other side of the
fence before you get upset:  you have a wife, a family, medical bills
and five kids to put through college.  You created a wonderful service
that many people feel they could not have 'done it' without, but now the
service is so popular the costs are draining your time, energy, and
pocketbook.  You want to give up, but cannot because too many people
depend on this service for support, friendship, and advice.

When Michael asks for money, he is NOT being impolite and is certainly
not trying to be pushy; he is simply trying to make ends meet.  

I attempting here to paint both sides of the picture here so that
hopefully anyone who HAS felt offended maybe will understand - and stick

Sincerely yours,
susan - who is trying to be a middle of the road observer, not trying to
start any flames, just want you to take this message as it is, hopefully
without response ;)
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