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Re: [IP] Type 1, Type 1,5, Type 2 DM

Hi (sorry you didn't sign your name)
Sometimes this attitude does come through on any of the diabetes lists I
have been on.
All I know is that diabetes is a silent killer and can cause damage no
matter what type one has.  Both are as equally adversly life affecting.
When I see notes like this I use my delete button as it makes no sense and
is a waste of time to read these types of attitudes.
I believe that some of the thinking comes from sterotyping a type II
diabetic as someone who is overweight and causes these things on thier own.
Which is really sad.
My father in law was type II..weighed in at a whole 125 pounds..never fit
the profile of a typical type ii. And even if it did..so what? He still had
diabetes. He died 2 yrs ago from kidney cancer.  My grandfather was type I
who was overweight so it beats me...
I think too much emphesis is placed on the wrong issues. It seems we should
help each other out who are on the pump no matter what type.
I am so thankful because my endo's opinion is that anyone who has to use
insulin should be on a pump and his focus is on helping the individual and
not stereotyping anyone. 
So when you see these types of notes..take a deep breath..count to 10..hit
the delete and consider the source because many people are hung up on these
things and in my opinion that shows thier biased thinking. No one should be
treated as "second class" we are all humans trying to make our way through
life and anyone who thinks one type is more important over another really
doesn't understand diabetes at all. Diabetes affects those with the disease
one way or the other..and we need to be able to help each other no matter
what "type" a person is. I am "type" human.
Well that is my thought for the day!
have a good day!
Ginny and Beamer (Service Dog)
email @ redacted
aol IM chat ID riverbijou
ICQ# 48743830

At 09:34 AM 06/20/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm fairly new to this list and am curious about something. It appears from 
>some of the postings that some of the members of the list who are Type 1 
>seem to feel that Type 1.5 and Type 2 diabetics are "second class" 
>diabetics. I can't figure this out ... we are all in need of insulin and the 
>insulin pump is merely a method of delivering the drug we all need. Just a 

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