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[IP] Somewhat off topic - legal


We just had a similar instance.  The hosiptal my fiancee has been seeing is
awful with insurance and still hasn't submitted forms properly for an
appointment Colleen had 6 or 8 months ago.  The hospital finally decided it
was Colleen's fault they weren't being paid and sent her bill to a
collection agency. When Colleen recieved a notice from the collection
agency, there were instructions on how to contest the process in writing.
Colleen also found a division of the Attorney General's office that can
handle formal complaints about these sort of things.  Hopefully, Colleen
can respond with more information, but she's on travel for work right now
and may not get to her emails. I just wanted to let you know there are
channels to dispute these issues.


>It's on topic because I incurred the bills due to my diabetes off topic
>because it's a legal question.
>Basically I owe a clinic $3000.00 plus.  We agreed that I would be a
>monthly amount which I have been diligently doing for over two years.  In
>their documentation it states either payment in full or a monthly
>fee.  Well now without notice they've sent me to a collection agency.  Do
>I have a leg to stand on?  Any thoughts, suggestions, would be greatly
>appreciated as well as $3000.00.  :-)

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