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[IP] Endo's as primary care physicians

	Todd wrote: 
	>>>Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 16:12:25 -0400
	From: Todd Beall <email @ redacted>
	Subject: [IP] Do DMers need primary care doctors?
	<part of original post>
	<I have recently discussed with my endo the idea of diabetics, at
	type 1's, choosing an endo as a PCP (many managed care plans allow
	to pick an OB as their exclusive PCP, or as a second PCP for whom no
	referrals are needed).  The diabetic can, when necessary, get a
	from the endo to see an internist for other care.  My endo agrees
	this scheme, so I have been thinking about talking with my state
	for his input and possible help in accomplishing this through
	legislation.  Or should I write my HMO for their input?

	What are the thoughts of the IP group?  Is this a reasonable
	expectation? Does the idea seem to have merit?  Does it have a
	What are the drawbacks?>>>>>

	I think this is a great idea, and one based on common sense.  Does
it have to be legislated?   Will all Endos feel they have the time?  What
about heart or transplant patients - will they want their doctors, although
a specialist like an Endo,  to become their primary care physician?   Is the
plan to be that the most critical health problem you have  -  that physician
will become the primary physician?    Is it only HMOs that require this?

	As I wrote earlier, I have made my Endo the Command center for my
health.  Optomologist, family doctor, orthopedic and pulmanary docs all send
him the records of any tests results.  He is on top of what is going on.
Only my family doctor gets his test results so that there is no duplication
and waste of money in those lab tests.  Can we do this without legislation?

	Bonnie Richardson

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