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Re: [IP] Somewhat off Topic - Legal

At 10:14 PM 6/19/00 -0700, you wrote:

>It's on topic because I incurred the bills due to my diabetes off topic 
>because it's a legal question.
>Basically I owe a clinic $3000.00 plus.  We agreed that I would be a 
>monthly amount which I have been diligently doing for over two years.  In 
>their documentation it states either payment in full or a monthly 
>fee.  Well now without notice they've sent me to a collection agency.  Do 
>I have a leg to stand on?  Any thoughts, suggestions, would be greatly 
>appreciated as well as $3000.00.  :-)

Fran  Call the collection agency and notify them of what their 
documentation states and your agreement.  I have done this with one bill I 
owed and the collection agency refused to collect on behalf of the company 
since it was a breach of agreement and the company did not do what they 
could and I did everything I could to have the matter resolved..  to date 
they still don't have their money (3 years later).

If you want to know the details let me know.

Brian Carter
email @ redacted
ICQ # 27217438
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