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[IP] Re:work and diabetes issue--please help!

<part of original post>
<She told the secs that something had gone wrong with my 'machine' and
that it had interfered drastically with my field work.

When I heard this information from the secretaries, I was incensed. I
feel like this may be grounds for slander, and I feel like I need to
consult a lawyer. My field is quite small and competitive, and women are
already viewed as inferior at fieldwork, not to mention diabetic women.
I have no idea who else she has told this too, but I think the president
of our division for one. I  apologize for this extremely long post,
but...I need help. Who should I call, and what should I do? I thought of
calling my endo to see if he can recommend a suitable lawyer in the
area, or the ADA. Please help.>

Hi Maureen,

You're probably not going to like my answer, but here goes...

I would suggest that instead of suing, you 1) talk to the woman who
spread this information and 2) ask for her to make a correction
statement to the folks she spoke with (or give you an opportunity to
explain why you are leaving in a public meeting).

Since you are leaving anyway (you weren't fired), why bother to get
lawyers involved and have all that hassle? I would agree that it would
be good to get the misinformation corrected, but that's all. In my
thinking, life is too short to worry about suing everyone that acts
foolishly--and it only makes us get more upset, etc., etc.

Let it go (after meeting with the woman), and put your energies into
your new position. That's what I would suggest, anyway.



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