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[IP] A little more on Humalog dilution

Mary Jean,

Good question--ie., what on earth am I basing my thoughts on?

My husband and I have had long talks about pumps and delivery systems---he
likes to think about these things.....I am not a scientist. We certainly
hope someone has or will study the dynamics of insulin delivery into the
subcutaneous tissue.  If you visualize the minute volume of .1u in air at
the end of the canula, as a drop, it is essentially unobservable.  If the
canula were plugged so that no insulin could exit, the fluid in the canula
could probably be compressed by .1u equivalent volume to the point that the
pump would not even detect a lack of delivery. On the other hand, if, as you
suggest, wicking or capillary action, and not drop deposition, moves insulin
away from the canula, why have a pump?  Just carry an insulin-filled pouch
attached near the point of insertion.

When he ordered it for me, my pharmacist was told by Eli Lilly that the
Humulin diluent has now been approved for use with Humalog, even though it
doesn't yet say so on the box.

Barbara (BBB)

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