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Re: [IP] Cow's Milk

>I read that research. It doesn't say IDDM is a result of drinking cows
>milk. In order to get IDDM you need a combination of factors, one of which
>is the wrong HLA haplotype. If it were simple there would be a lot of kids
>with it and there are not. Obviously the heredity thing is not simple
>either or every identical twin would have it too. As with all supendous
>scientific announcements, great caution is needed in interpreting the
>results. Its like the announcement about vaccination. How many of us were
>vaccinated and how few of us got IDDM?
>A Bender, M. D.
>email @ redacted

Of course, the research data isn't claiming ALL babies exposed to 
cow's milk their first year of life will develop IDDM.  That would be 
ludicrous!  But what they are suggesting is that if you have a 
certain predisposition to it (genetic markers, etc.) then cow's milk 
could be a contributing factor.  The same thing with the vaccines. 
Again, something to take a look at for what it's worth.  I personally 
don't feel they have any solid proof to back these claims as yet. 
But, we need to be aware and open-minded - who knows, some day they 
might really be on to something.

Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx 6-96, pumper since 7-99

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