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[IP] Cough that won't go away

> I have mild pharyngeal aphasia(sp?).  It turns out that the
> cough I've had (14 years) is caused by liquids being
> pooled when I swallow, and eventually goes down the wrong
> tube, which causes roughness in my esophagus and hence a
> cough that does not go away.
> Has anyone had this affliction, or similar ones.  Is there
> any type of treatment that might be effective?
> Jack Granowski

Have you recently been put on an ACE inhibitor? I was on Captopril and had
an awful cough that made me gag and cough up foam. I lost 7# in 10 days, and
even etc. That tiny little pill was what caused it and I was quite
distraught. I could only get down white bread and bacon as a sandwich, and
cream style corn. Just wondering if perhaps something like this might be the
Jan http://maxpages.com/bludasue

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