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[IP] Do DMers need primary care doctors?

<part of original post>
<I have recently discussed with my endo the idea of diabetics, at least
type 1's, choosing an endo as a PCP (many managed care plans allow women
to pick an OB as their exclusive PCP, or as a second PCP for whom no
referrals are needed).  The diabetic can, when necessary, get a referral
from the endo to see an internist for other care.  My endo agrees with
this scheme, so I have been thinking about talking with my state senator
for his input and possible help in accomplishing this through
legislation.  Or should I write my HMO for their input?

What are the thoughts of the IP group?  Is this a reasonable
expectation? Does the idea seem to have merit?  Does it have a chance?
What are the drawbacks?>

John, I think this is a great idea, and I can't see why it wouldn't
work. As I stated before, my PCP is virtually useless. Those who have a
good PCP could stick with the current arrangement. Your analogy with the
OBGYNs is an excellent one.

I think this is an idea we should all get behind.



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