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Re: [IP] Diluting insulin--- (LONG!)


I'm glad that diluting insulin works for you. As another person who uses a
relatively small amount of insulin (basal rates from .3 to .5 and carb
ratio of 18) I can attest to the need for being able to fine-tune an
insulin dose. Sometimes, I would like to be able to deliver .15 units
instead of .10.

However, I have some concern about this statement that you included:

<< I don't feel confident that a pump will deliver less than .3u per hour
satisfactorily because of  the problem of "drop size" . I know Bob B. has a
piece on Disetronic pumps in the IP info. list, in which he says they can
deliver tiny amounts over an hour--ie., spread .2u over the hour.  Sorry, I
really don't believe it.  That .2u doesn't begin to get into your system
until it builds up to "drop size".  What is a "drop"?   When is it "big
enough" to drop off the end of the canula into your system? Good question!
I don't know the chemical description, but a drop of .5u Humalog primed on a
piece of wax paper will impress you that ".1u" is a mighty tiny thing if
it's supposed to be one-fifth of that. The tubing we all have is tiny but
not tiny enough  to "deliver" infinitestimally-sized drops.  Those "clicks"
you hear (with MiniMed) don't mean that the insulin is actually IN you with
each click, it is just building the drop size volume. >>

What is your source for the "drop-size" theory? I've never heard of that
before. I mean no disrespect, but I would genuinely like to know what your
source is. Is it a pump manufacturer?

I agree that if you were to bolus into air over waxed paper that if would
take a larger drop to "fall off" the cannula. However, my body is not made
of waxed paper <vbg>. The tissue that we insert the cannula into is
absorbant, more like a kleenex. If you place a kleenex next to the end of
the cannula, it will draw out the insulin when you bolus. I would think our
bodily tissue would do the same, and that waiting for a drop to "fall off"
wouldn't be a concern. Rather, the tissue touching the end of the cannula
acts as a sponge and sucks the insulin out as soon as it is at the tip. 

Nevertheless, thanks for providing the information on the diluent. It could
make a big difference for some kids. I'm glad to know that it works for you
-- the last I read about it, the diluent didn't really work with Humalog.
Maybe they have reformulated it?

Mary Jean
MM507 since 1-28-97

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