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RE: [IP] Which Pump????? / PalmPilot

Welcome, Scott!

I used to use my PalmPilot to keep track of bgs and related info.  There is
software called GlucoPilot that I think is pretty good.  You can purchase it
via the Palm website.  The down side to this is that you have to enter everything
manually...no downloading from meters.

I got the Accuchek Complete meter with my pump and have been using that instead
of the PalmPilot.  You can enter your pump info (basal/bolus, carbs, exercise
and lots of other things).  I think it saves me time to just enter directly
into the meter.  Then I can download directly to my analysis software.

As far as which pump to get, go to each manufacturer's website and do your homework!
 Get the one with the features that are most useful to you...they are all great

dx 1981, assimilated 2/11/00

I have been "viewing" member for a few weeks now.  I have decided to get an

insulin pump.  Now I have two questions.  First and most importantly which
pump should I get. The MiniMed (508), Disetronic (D-Tron or H-Tron), or wait

until August for the Animas R-1000.  Second I was wondering if anybody uses

a Palm Pilot  or Handspring to keep track of their blood sugars.    I would

appreciate any feedback from current pumpers.
- --Scott (email @ redacted) 
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