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Re: [IP] Do DMers need primary care doctors?

I have a very good primary care doc( Internist)  and he is in the same
clinic as my endo and it works out great because not every symptom I have
or health problem is caused by my diabetes.
And I really have no waiting to get in to either of my doctors. My endo has
diabetes. The clinic up here in the mountains are hoping to prescribe more
pumps which is a newer thing up here so they wish to meet with my MM rep
who also has diabetes and wears a MM pump of course and then hopefully will
come a support group (that is the plan)  so I was asked to come along to
the meeting. 
Once my chronic severe pain was taken care of through medications my A1C
droppped frm a 9 down to 7.1 and that is with me taking prednisone
everyday.,We all learned what severe chronic pain can do to a person's BGs
without being treated for the pain.
My endo is not the person to be prescribing the pred. It is my internist
who specialty is auto-immune diseases. He also manages my other meds that
have nothing to do with diabetes.

I am very happy both of my doctors. I have other things for which i need my
internist or PCP that my endo would not be a need. Also he checks my feet
but if I need some work done I have to go to a podiatrist. And my PCP takes
care of prescribing my mammogram and also my other female testing plus if I
ever were to need a broken bone taken care of I would certainly need a PCP
not an endo. 
Just my input :) I hope everyone has a great week!
Right now I am getting used to higher dosing of my phenobarbital so if
there are some errors on here please excuse my brain it is undergoing a few
changes for the good we hope :)

At 08:30 PM 06/18/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>That is the same with my endo, in fact there is a sign on each door 
>explaining that.  He does not work on tummies, lungs headaches, etc.You must 
>go to your primary.  However he does not question what my primary does and
>primary is very interested in my pump and all the latest diabetes treatments 
>out there.
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