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[IP] Venting and hi bgs

	Because you are the only people who even have a clue of the life of
a pumper, I am going to share my frustrating Saturday.  Put in a new site
Friday evening.   Re-used reservoir and tubing by just refilling reservoir.
I do this infrequently since I only wear sets for 3 days and when I know the
tubing hasn't been excessively stretched, etc.  So, checking my new site for
three hours Friday night, went to bed with a 127.  All ok.    Woke up with a
240, bolused 8 units, waited a while for breakfast, checked again (I tend to
check every 30 minutes when I am high cause it can climb so quickly), next
check at 9:00 am, 279, waited another 30 minutes checked was 340.  So, I
changed sites again, bolused 8.  Waited 40 minutes and BS was 426!  Changed
sites and injected 15 units via old fashioned needle.   Checked one hour
later down to 320.   One hour later down to only down to 316....uh oh.  So
changed whole set and site and bolused 8 again.   The thing is when I
changed the set, I noticed the reservoir had moisture between the two little
black bands at bottom.  Meaning... that I had probably damaged the vacuum
seal when I pulled it back to add more insulin to it.  With the new set my
bg was 250 at 10:30 am and coming down.  I wonder where all that insulin
went.  Nearly 40 units in the space of four hours.   Sure enough at 12:30 I
went way low, but, I was prepared for it, and kept shopping at Wal-Mart,
sucking down five glucose tabs and patiently waiting before panicking.
Morale is, be very careful when re-using your reservoirs.  And keep bugging
MM to sell Cannulas separately.   Another morale is, I spent over a $100 to
save about $12.00 in this case.   

	Thanks for listening...Even after nearly 5 years pumping, S---
	Bonnie Richardson
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