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RE: [IP] Do DMers need non-invasive meters? YOU BET!

George Lovelace <email @ redacted> wrote:

>    It is the GlucoWatch, and links to Cygnus and the manufacturers 
> of other non-invasive (although it's debatable there)

Actually, it is not debatable -- the GlucoWatch is *minimally* invasive
because of the mild electric current used to draw interstitial fluid up
through the skin and into the sensor.

Also some other items not generally mentioned in the hype:

Finger sticks are still required -- at least two a day to calibrate the
GlucoWatch for each new sensor pad;

There's a three hour "warm up" from the time a new sensor pad is installed
before the device will start monitoring glucose levels;

The AAA battery must be replaced either once a day or with each new sensor
pad (i.e. 2/day) (sorry, I don't recall which);

Approximately 5% of users in the clinical trials developed irritation to the
device (the electric current, actually) which made it uncomfortable to use
and may have caused deviations in the readings.

All that notwithstanding, the GlucoWatch is definitely a step in the right
direction.  Unfortunately, the cost of the device (~$350.00) and the sensor
pads (~$4.00 each) as well as battery cost make it unlikely that insurance
companies will cover these any time soon, particularly since they will still
have to cover the more conventional monitoring costs as well.

Jim Handsfield
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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